What my clients say:-

After training with Dexter for seven weeks following a long illness which has seriously compromised my health. I had very poor balance, weak muscles and little physical self-confidence. Dexter is very observant and can tell when I’m struggling (or afraid) and when I can do more. He can always answer my questions about why we are doing particular exercises and what it will take for me to get fitter. He doesn’t mislead me, either, about how much hard work this kind of rehabilitation is! I have managed, under his guidance, to improve most fitness markers and though we both know I have a long way to go, I trust him to get me there. These qualities are not easy to find in trainers who sometimes seem to think that just ‘pushing harder’ is what makes a weak physique stronger. After a long illness you need more skill than that to put things right. Dexter has those skills.” –Mary E (After 7 Weeks)

Dexter, I ran for the bus earlier, I picked up my shopping bags with ease and I keep going for whole days. People keep telling me that I’m looking trim. You are an extra ordinary trainer, who sets me uncomplicated goals I can achieve and monitoring if I cant. You are overwhelmingly, patient, polite, calm and kind, that’s quite a gift for me to have received wholly unexpected this year…thank you.  –Mary E (After 8 months)


“I think Dexters greatest strength is his energy and enthusiasm. He also knows his stuff.
For a busy professional who’s been in the office all day trying to fit in fitness around that can be exhausting and time consuming. Dexter comes into his own here because he is great at motivating people and pushing people when they are tired and don’t feel like working out. So I would say if you want to have a personal trainer to get the most out of limited time he’s the right person for that.”  –Sunil K


“Dexters Synergy class was always well thought out, different each time and always felt like a proper workout. He made each minute count & was encouraging throughout.” –Becky B


“I’ve known Dexter for a while now. He is always willing to go that extra mile to help you achieve your desired goals. Nothing is too much trouble for him, he is reliable, friendly and completely approachable. I never felt inadequate whilst training with him, he always encouraged and motivated me to be the best version of me. I always felt great after a training session with him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone regardless of age or their ability or fitness levels. He is able to bring out the best in anyone whilst maintaining a high level of instruction!! Simply put Dexter is the best!!!” –Sharron B


“Known dexter ever since he started at David Lloyd, really approachable guy, always up for having a laugh and will always listen to how you want to improve yourself and your training. Always on the ball and a very motivated young man, all round top lad.” – Joshua B – Cambridge United


“Extremely driven, enthusiastic and hard working PT, helped me with my recovery and got me back to performing on the football pitch” –Bahador C


“Excellent personal trainer, fantastic in depth knowledge. Get on board” –Graham T


“I trained with Dexter and managed to drop 6 inches off my waist and push myself to things I never thought were achievable. Great motivator and trainer! Thanks mate” –Kyle G


“Dexter is a fantastic motivational coach who helped me loose nearly two stone in a short timeline. His routines are never dull, and focuses on areas for that individual, can’t recommend him enough!” –Jack M


“Dexter trains me twice a week! My fitness is now as it should be for a 25 year old! He pushes me to breaking point but the results are worth it. What use is a personal trainer that doesn’t push you to your limits ? Worth every penny! Thank you dexter!wouldnt be where I am today without you!” –Belinda H